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Page 17 - Pearl Bridal Tiaras

HP-599-17 Dangling Teardrop Pearl Bridal Tiara HP-6213-17

Dangling Teardrop
Pearls & Pave Stones
Silver White
1 1/4" H
(wp2500) (dz19200)
Suggested Retail

Enticing Pearl Bridal Tiara

Silver with White Pearls
3/4" H
(wp2300) (dz16800)
Suggested Retail

HP-7877–17 HP-6459-17

Hand Wired Tiara

with Softly Painted Enameled Flowers
& Dainty Pearls 6" across band
1/2" H
(wp1900) (dz18000)
Suggested Retail

Delicate Hand Wired
Design of Satin Enameled
Flowers with Pearls &
Crystal Beads

Silver or Gold
1" H
(wp3800) (dz28800)
Suggested Retail

HP-358–17 HP-7105–17

Elegant Bun Wrap

Silver White Pearl
1"H & 5 1/2" Diam.
(wp2900) (dz24000)
Suggested Retail

Pearl Bridal Tiara

Silver Clear
Silver White Pearl
1" H
(wp2400) (dz16800)
Suggested Retail

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