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Wholesale Bridal Veils 115

These wedding veils are amongst our most popular because of their versatility & abilty to coordinate with any dress. They are available in different lengths & edges so you can customize to suit your your personal style.
Bridal Veils are available in White, Ivory or Diamond White & are attached to a comb for ease in wearing with any hair style.

Choose Your Edge & Length

Edge Selections
C = Cut Edge (Plain)
P = Pencil Edge (Finished Hem)
R = Ratail Edge (Satin Corded)**
SR = Satin Ribbon Edge 1/8" or 3/8"
SW = Swarovski Rhinestone Edge
PL = Pearl Edge
Silver = Silver Pencil Edge *
Gold = Gold Pencil Edge *

*Available in Fingertip Only
**Most Popular

Veil Lengths
V = Veil
V1 = 1 Tier Single 30"L x 72"W
VS = Shoulder 20"L x 25"L x 72"W
VE = Elbow 25"L x 30"L x 72"W
VF = Fingertip 30"L x 36"L x 72"W
VW = Waltz 30"L x 42"L x 72"W
VC = Cathedral 30"L x 108"L x 108"W
V Child =
Flowergirl 20"L x 25"L x 54"W

Cut / Plain Edge
Single VC 1 (wp1200)
Shoulder VC S (wp1400)
Elbow VC E (wp1550)
Fingertip VC F (wp1800)
Waltz VC W (wp2200)
Cathedral VC C (wp2900)
*Shimmering Veil extra


Satin Corded Edge/Rattail
( Most Desired Finish )
Childs VR Child (wp1200)
Single VR 1 (wp2000)
Shoulder VR S (wp2400)
Elbow VR E (wp2800)
Fingertip VR F (wp3200)
Waltz VR W (wp3400)
Cathedral VR C (wp4900)

Pencil / Hemmed Edge
Childs VP Child (wp1000)
Single VP 1 (wp1400)
Shoulder VP S (wp1600)
Elbow VP E (wp1800)
*Fingertip VP F (wp2200)
Waltz VP W (wp2400)
Cathedral VP C (wp4800)

Swarovski Edge

Elbow VSW E (wp7000)
Fingertip VSW F (wp7500)
Single Layer Cathedral
VSW C (wp9900)

Satin Ribbon 1/8" or 3/8"
Childs VS-Child (V61200S)
Single VS 1 (wp2000)
Shoulder VS S (wp2500)
Elbow VS E (wp2800)
Fingertip VS F (wp3200)
Waltz VS W (wp3400)
Cathedral VS C (wp4900)

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