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Wholesale Bridal Veils 116

Veil 150 Double Layer
2 Layers:
Elbow & Cathedral Length Combined absolutely gorgeous veil of floral embroidery hand sewn using clear sequins, opalescent and silver bugle beads embelished with tiny pearls and crystals.
White or Ivory (wp12000)

Veil 139
Exquisitely elegant veiling embellished with hand sewn bugle beads and sparkling crystals.
White or Ivory

Veil 139S -Single Layer 30"

Veil 139E - 2 Layers 25" x 30" Long (wp5500)

Veil 139F - 2 Layers 30"x 35" Long

Veil 139C- Single Layer Cathedral

Veil 2012 Elbow
Single Layer Squared Corners with Hand Sewn Bugle Beads, Sequins
and Tiny Pearls
Veil 520 Fingertip length

Veil 2009 Fingertip
Hand Sewn Clear
Sparkling Bugle Beads
28"L x 36"L x 72"W

Veil 2020 Fingertip
Hand Sewn
Bugle Beads,Crystals
and Tiny Pearl Edge
30"L x 36"L x 72"W

Veil 2023 Fingertip
3/4" Chiffon Edge
Hand Sewn Bugle Beads, Rhinestones
& Tiny Pearls - 30"L x 36"L x 72"W

Scalloped Cut Veil
with Pencil Edge,
Tiny Pearl Dots
& Swarovski Crytals
Veil 125 Elbow
Veil 145 Fingertip
Veil 155 Cathedral (wp8500)

Veil 2017
Fingertip Only

Shiny Bugle Beads &
Tiny Rhinestones Along Edge

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